Established in 2013, Ecogreen aims to improve the built environment through ecologically sympathetic construction.

We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of green roofs and living wall systems.

Green roofs typically fall into two categories., extensive and intensive.

Extensive - Lighter and thinner in profile, typically planted with sedum

Intensive - Deeper with more organic growing medium supporting a wide variety of plants

Living walls are unique bespoke constructions that permit planting onto vertical surfaces.

These can either be installed onto existing walls or factored into new developments.

Sustainable Landscaping

The use of natural materials including stone masonry, dry stone walling and the use of lime products..

We have experience in effective garden layout, and planting using permaculture principles.

Green Roofs

Why Green Roofs?

They remain a valuable environmental resource in our urban areas providing green spaces for flora and fauna. They benefit our modern lifestyles in the following ways

  • Improved Biodiversity
  • Reduction in the heat island effect
  • Cost reduction of energy bills
  • Improved air quality
  • Stormwater management

Living Walls

Improves noise insulation

Lowers carbon footprint

Enhanced urban biodiversity

Sustainable Landscaping

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Ecogreen are professional and diligent contractors. We have used them on a multitude projects and established a strong working relationship over many years.

Darren Lawler - Operations Director Sedum Supply Ltd.


Ecogreen have provided an excellent service with sustainable landscaping and maintenance

Stuart Mason - Senior Technician Trinity House

Ecogreen consistently delivers high-quality work and strong customer service that stands them head and shoulders above their competitors.

Gareth Barker - Director of Operations KPMF

Tropical Green Leaves



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