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A green Roof is a beautiful and natural way to insulate your building

They remain a valuable environmental resource in our urban areas providing green spaces for flora and fauna. They benefit our modern lifestyles in the following ways:

  • Improved Biodiversity
  • Reduction in the heat island effect
  • Cost reduction of energy bills
  • Improved air quality
  • Stormwater management


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Biodiversity Net Gain

What is Biodiversity Net Gain?

Biodiversity net gain, enshrined in law in England on February 12th, 2024, dictates that new developments enhance local biodiversity.

Green roofs are recognized as valuable tools for achieving this goal, offering habitat for wildlife and contributing to overall ecological diversity. This legislation signifies a paradigm shift, requiring developers to prioritize sustainable practices, including the integration of features like green roofs to ensure a measurable net gain in biodiversity.

Green roofs and blue roofs play crucial roles in supporting Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) by mitigating urban runoff and promoting environmentally friendly water management.

Green roofs, covered with vegetation, absorb rainwater, reducing runoff and providing natural insulation. This aids SuDS by attenuating stormwater, preventing flooding, and enhancing water quality. On the other hand, blue roofs incorporate controlled drainage systems to manage stormwater.

They regulate water flow, reducing the risk of overwhelming drainage systems during heavy rainfall. By combining green and blue roof strategies, SuDS benefit from a comprehensive approach that harmonizes vegetation-based absorption and controlled drainage, contributing to sustainable urban water management.

Over 20 years of
experience in sustainable garden design

Pete has over 20 years of experience designing gardens, living roof systems and sustainable projects across the UK.

Living walls

Living walls are unique bespoke constructions that permit planting onto vertical surfaces.

These can either be installed onto existing walls or factored into new developments.

Improves noise insulation

Lowers carbon footprint

Enhanced urban biodiversity

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